100 word challenge (… ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted …)

This whole situation started with Andy and Cierra going on a helicopter ride. One very rich and sunny day, which was supposed to be a fun and  day. Andy and Cierra woke up and immediately woke up and went to the helicopter station. They got on the helicopter and as they flew off and they almost instantly became friends. Their ears popped excitedly and screamed in happiness.

Suddenly, Andy accidentally opened the door and fell out of the helicopter! His sweaty hand was holding onto the door handle anxiously. Lucky Cierra had done a course for this and saved Andy.

100 word challenge (…we took no notice of the sign…)

This terrible day all started with my mum taking me and my brother out on a walk. We didn’t want to, but she insisted to take us. We walked in a forest and there was no path so we could see everything as it is and will be.  When we were walking we saw a pole but we took no notice of the sign up above it. We kept on walking and eventually we got lost. We were walking around until we finally found the sign that noted “DO NOT PASS THIS POINT”. Well that taught us a valuable lesson.

100 word challenge: …I didn’t realise they could fly…

Today I know will be great. I’m going to feed birds that can’t fly or get food. Last week I thought helping at the homeless  shelter was the best. I know that tomorrow will probably will be best of all. I’ll be feeding baby animals at the zoo because since my town is so small, the zoo needs volunteers like me to help out.

When I step into the animal shelter the smell of clean cats and dogs is as good as the smell of raspberry juice. When I get to the birds I gave them a handful of seeds and when they were done they flew off into the sunlight. I didn’t realise they could fly…

100 word challenge!

On a hot, sunny day, an outside art sculpting gallery was being held in Princes Park.  The tickets got sold out quickly and the park was crowded.  Back in the corner there was a tall, skinny sculpture of a man looking at the clouds.

All of a sudden a rush of yellow dust flew onto the face of the sculpture causing it to break into                     1 000 000  pieces dropping to the ground.  A woman with an alien look  fell from the sky and landed on the broken sculpture.

“My name is Sahara and what you yet to see is a war of my people! Everyone on this planet are coming with me, or be EXTERMINATED!” She said with power in her eyes.

That was the last time the humans saw Earth.

100 Word Challenge : Avocado Bones Purple Elephant Seahorses

As I bit into my avocado toast, I felt  today has a good start. I am  going to an island with an elephant bigger than the rest.The almost purple water would have amazing rainbow seahorses and glimpsing fish. I know today will be the best ever.

When I stepped on the boat, rushes of excitement ran through my body. The boat is shabby and messy with life rings every everywhere! The boat smelt of fish bones that put me off going on this trip.

“Sorry folks,  the engine burst so this trip is delayed”, said the scruffy old captain. I guess no island trip for me.

100 word challenge … as I turned my head, the world spun…

This felt like an average day, not a peculiar one. I went to school as usual. It felt as average as ever. today I have p.e at 12:0o, so I feel pumped and excited.

When I get to school, I go straight to my stinky, mouldy locker and put my bag away. I got through all my tests with great scores. I can’t believe I got a C! Best score of the month I guess.

When I get to P.E I feel tired and disappointed because we have to play dodge ball.

I immediately get hit, bump my head and wake up from Acoma. As I turned my head, the world spun.

MPPS science night!

Destination Moon;

Where: 87 Wilson St
Moonee Ponds VIC                                     

  • Day: Wednesday, the 14th of August 2019. 
  • Time: 6:00pm- 7:00pm
  • Please bring binoculars
  • Theme: the MOON!

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing on July 20, 1969. National Science Week for schools aims to inspire students about space science just as the Apollo program to
the Moon did in the 1960s and 1970s. This year’s focus is a way for students to discover both past
space programs and missions to the Moon, and current and future space programs, operations
and missions. It aims to allow them to investigate how past missions tackled seemingly unsolvable.
problems by tapping into big-picture thinking in science, and used technology, engineering and
mathematics to design new solutions. Some of the inquiries, activities and themes occurring at MPPS this month will examine space programs, space exploration, space
projects, space activities, space technology, space efforts and our growing space industries.

Pregnall, L Destination Moon: more missions, more science. 2019




I really liked your story it hooked me in so much I couldn’t stop myself from reading it. The hat sounded mysterious and interesting. Maybe you should describe why the hat was haunting you but other than that it was fantastic!


I really liked the story theme and the trip. You need to work on your grammar for and check for spelling mistakes but other than that it was great!


I loved your story theme/genre and it really hooked me in but you can work on explaining the teacher’s sense of style.


I loved the hat and dream in the story and how it hooked me in. I don’t think you need to improve on anything because the story was epic!


100 word challenge

It all started on the glimpsing sunny day. The day the shapes came. The day they killed us all. We all thought they were just giant dominoes. But then there were more and more and more. They’re just a thing in our life. Like dirt, it isn’t noticeable anymore. This has been happening for 3 years now that everyone just goes by them normally not suspiciously.

“They’re ch changing shape!” I said in the crowd of astonished faces. All of a sudden the shapes had weapons inside them and blew the world up! This was the worse day of our lives. We call it… the last day on earth.