100 word challenge – … we seemed to be on the television…

It was a dark and cold night, three friends not knowing about the danger that lay ahead. click, on goes the TV. Isabell, harry and Anna slouched on the sofa crunching buttery popcorn. They go onto a channel called CURSED CHANNEL.

“How could it be cursed?”Asked harry. Then… BLAST! They were in the TV. They bangned on the TV window screeming to let them out. They turned around and they were in their favourite TV show, riverdale. “OMG!” Isabell screemed. They seemed to be to be on the tv!

Book Week!

This week is the National Book Week and today, on friday is the book parade which is where every school in Australia dresses up as a book character and I dressed up as the wicked witch of the west and looked great!

My friend Lexi dressed up as the mad hatter and I didn’t know she was Lexi! My other friend Annalise, dressed up as Matilda.

In my class, a girl named Cleo went as the wicked witch of the west as well! My class did a book quiz and got 17% out of 25. It was fun and my team was Amira  and Matilda.

This was the best book week ever!


Egg Drop Challenge term 2

In term 2 we did a egg drop challenge to see whose egg helmet got the furthest without the egg cracking. We had groups of 3 and a scrapbook to record ideas. My group name was The Imaginer because we like to imagine what our egg helmet will look like and the people in our group were me, Amira and Cleo. At first we had a red helmet that was a fail when we dropped it with the egg in it, so the next time we dropped it we put it in a cup and put cotton puds on the inside. The second time we dropped it with the egg inside of it it was the winning egg helmet because it survived one meter without cracking but it did not survive 1 meter 20 cm. 🙁


This is my group and the winning helmet!


My holidays!

I woke up on Monday morning with the sun shining on my face when opened my blinds. It was the second week of the holidays and I finally get to see what my friend Annalise’s house looks like! When I got in the car, I put my seat belt on and off we went to my friend’s house. I saw traffic school and the tennis place. Then, I saw a dead end. It was Annalise’s house! I saw Amy and Evan playing in the garden. Then, when I got inside, I saw Annalise! I saw Annalise’s room and it was surprisingly… small.  I went on her bed and it was very comfy with the best quilt ever! We went to go get some pizza from Dominos and ate it at a park with a Chinese guy near a group of tables. After the pizza we had an ice cream and then we went back to her house and watched YouTube.

Soon later we got bored and we asked Annalise’s mum if we could make slime. Guess what? She said yes! We made glitter slime and it was awesome! Soon later I had to go home. 🙁. Well I had a fun day at Annalise’s house!!!






these are the meanings of 


like- you like something.

unlike- you are not like some


fold- you fold something.

unfold- you undo what you just folded.


Do- to make something happen.

Undo- to  do the opposite of something. 

cool- to be chill and popular.

uncool- not cool or notested.







I feel the fresh air as I smell the breeze of the beach as I head toward the mountain bikes. When I got on one, I crashed. When I got the hang of riding a mountain bike, Lexi held onto my arm and I moved off the path and Lexi fell over and grazed her neigh and I felt really bad! 🙁

When I got back, I went to the pizza oven and made the dough and the ingredients are: flour, warm water, yeast, sugar, salt and oil (optional). We made a well in the flour and then we put the dry ingredients and oil inside and poured in the water and made the well bigger then I scraped the flour in the well and needed it until it looked the age 10.

We went on a walk and tasted a new food which is bower spinach.

When we got back, we completed our pizzas and I made mine Hawaiian. Mmmmm. It was good. We had afternoon tea and it was berry cake. Those were the best activities on camp and yummy the cake was good!

How Do Cheetahs Eat Their Prey?

What is a cheetah?
A cheetah belongs to the cat family and is the fastest animal in the world. They are dark yellow with black spots. They are predators.

What is a cheetah’s habitat?
The best habitat for a cheetah is a flat open space because cheetahs need to run on a flat open spaces. That is why they live on a savannah, which is their home. A savannah is a mostly flat area of land and has long grass and low bushes and some trees to rest under. The long grass is for hiding in when the cheetah is getting ready to pounce on its prey.

What do cheetahs eat?
Cheetahs eat meat. Since cheetahs are fast, so they eat kid animals instead of adults because it is best to be active with an empty stomach. They mostly eat animals in their habitat like Hares, antelopes
And warthogs.

What speed can they run up to?
Cheetahs can run up to 10km per hour and highest 120km per hour. Cheetahs are the fastest animal in the world, but antelopes are just a little bit slower athan cheetahs.

How do cheetahs eat their prey?
They hide for pouncing and when the prey is not looking around, they pounce and give it a good bite. To capture the prey, cheetahs are capable of running from 0 to 80km per hour in just 3 strides with a maximum speed of 110km per hour in just a few seconds. But the stealthy cheetah assassin must use its lighting speed to have a good chance to getting a kill.
The cheetah is a beautiful and amazing animal.

The Horror Man! by Isla and Lexi

Bang, bang, crash!!! There was thunder and lightning when a little girl who just turned 8 years old at 12:00 in the middle of the night, named Layla, heard a terrifying noise . So she peeked over to her bedroom window and in a flash, BOOM! She vanished. Layla’s parents ran to her room but they were too late. Layla had already gone. The man who took Layla was called the horror man. When the horror man came back, he killed Layla’s parents with an axe with blood dripping off them, down to the floor.no one ever saw Layla or her parents ever again. This tragedy went on for years because her parents got an email, but never received it, but then they got foredoom an email and Lyle got an email that she was expelled, but she does not know that because she went somewhere that not even the horror man knows where she is! This is the worst thing that has ever happened to this family and no one has ever stepped in the house because it turned into haunted house. No one ever knew what was inside the house. Soon the house was covered in cobwebs and it became scarier and the blood was dripping out of the house very slowly. then, one day the horror man went to Layla and let her out to help him horror people, but instead she ran out of the cave and ran out and found her house and her eyes filled with tears and found her family members all around the house and their eyes filled with tears. Then, Layla gave them all a hug and now she lives with her cousins witch are very nice and aunty and uncle. But the horror man is still out there looking for another child that will be 8 at 12:00 in the middle of the night someday.But not today.


Deep in the dark lands lived all the villains of the world! But worst of all lived Blue Fire, but he was embarrassed of his daughter Safire. The bad thing about her was that she is not as evil as you think she was.

In a very dark morning Blue Fire had a serious look on his blue face when he saw his daughter Safire. “Get your friend Jane”. He said. “Um, OK”. Then Safire did 2 double back-flips then ran to Jane’s house and told her to come to her house for breakfast. When Jane agreed, they had a race to Safire’s house and Jane had won. “Well that was fun.” Said Jane. “Well not for me.” Said Safire.”Oh, OK, I’m sorry” Said Jane.

When Safire opened the door blue fire told the girls that they had to go to a boarding high school called AURADON PREP and steel the wand and make us evil again! “WHAT”!!! Yelled both girls. “I can’t go to a boarding school with pretty pink princesses!” Yelled Safire. “I’m afraid you don’t have a choice.” He said. “Fine”. Said the girls.

In just a moment there was a black limo and inside was candy and soft leather seats and the seats can turn into beds! “Well here we go.” Said Jane.

When they got out of the limo, Safire and Jane were amazed. Out there was Auradon prep with cheerleaders a band and the whole school all welcoming them? Wow! Why to villain kids? Didn’t their parents toucher them?

When the fairy godmother stepped aside, the soon to be queen Mal said, welcome to auradon prep a place for teenagers to learn. Are you ready for me to show you your rooms and you can get ready for my coronation? Okay. Said Safire and Jane.


When it was time for the coronation, Safire and Jane were in front row. Then the fairy god mother held out her magic wand and carefully placed it on Mall’s shoulder then said, I know pronounce you queen of aura don. Then when she was about to put the wand away, Safire took the wand out of the fairy godmother’s hand and Blue fire appeared in a puff of blue smoke! “Ha!” He yelled. Are you ready for the darkness to come? No! Screamed everyone except for Safire and Jane. “I’m sorry Mal! This is what I have to do!” yelled Safire. “You don’t have to do anything”! Cried Mal. Oh. Said Safire. Then she said these words: when two hearts are one change to just one! Then Safire looked down and found her dad the size of a mouse. “What just happened to my dad?” He shrank to the love in his heart”. Said the fairy godmother. “Well at least until he starts to love again. “So I will never get a look at the big dad and can I become the one in charge”? “I guess so”. Said the fairy godmother. “Yay!”


This is about my school not getting a pool and a hope you like it:

I strongly believe that Moone ponds primary school should not get a pool. Obviously a pool is a waste of money! Everybody knows that a pool costs thousands and thousands of dollars and a big pool costs millions of dollars. The school doesn’t have any change rooms and those costs quite a bit of money as well. Do you realise the school is meant to be buying edgeicational equipment.


A pool is very dangerous and we need a life guard to help the kids. Did you know kids can drown and they can die and it is the schools responsibility if a kid dies? Also kids can slip over the edge! To be honest kids are a bit clumsy and they might dive in the shallow end and really hurt their head real bad.

See the source image

Anyway there isn’t much room in the yard. The school is very small so where can we put the pool? The school has over 300  people in the school and we need a very big pool. We don’t need a pool because there is just a pool around the corner to our school and we go there 2 times every year! So that’s why moone ponds primary school should not get a pool.